Mr. Brad Zacher 1991-01-22 /img/me.jpg Computer scientist. Cider drinker. Motorcyclist. Australia [email protected] University of Adelaide Adelaide Lead Software Engineer Assignar Sydney
Brad Zacher

About Me

I am a computer scientist. I am a keen motorcyclist. I am a lover of cider. I am from Adelaide.

I graduated with honours in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide.

I am Lead Software Engineer at Assignar in Sydney.

I pride myself on being able to work with many technologies to get the most responsive result.

I'm always looking for new things to learn. Currently poking around React in my free time.

Proficient in many languages (namely JavaScript, C#, PHP, SQL and C/C++).

You can read more about me and my history in my resume.

You can contact me via any of the networks below, or by gmail - bradzacher GPG.

I also have a blog -

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A fully featured local build and deployment environment for Fiori development.
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A model viewier GUI for OData service metadata.
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React components styled to look like OpenUI5
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A set of OpenUI5 examples.
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A DotA2 Source 1 replay parser, written in .NET.
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Popular Movies
An Android app which uses's to show new and popular movies.
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From Pictures to Programs
My honours thesis - evolves recursive solutions using GP.
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Dota 2 Stats
A match stats site built using angularjs.
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