Brad Zacher
About Me
A picture of my ugly mug

I am a computer scientist. I am a lover of cider. I am from Adelaide, Australia.

I graduated with honours in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide.

I am a Software Engineer at Facebook in Menlo Park.

I am always looking for new things to learn. Currently digging deep into TypeScript, linting, Node and GraphQL.

I pride myself on being able to work with many technologies.

Proficient in many languages; namely TypeScript/JavaScript, PHP, SQL, C#, and C/C++.

You can read more about me and my history in my resume.

You can contact me via any of the networks below, or by gmail - bradzacher GPG.

Around the Web
Github Commits
Open Source
ESlint rules and parsing for Typescript code.
Adds support for typescript to eslint-plugin-import.
My ESlint configuration for typescript projects.
Node Module to Create a Backup from MySQL.
Personal Projects
The source behind this website!
From Pictures to Programs
My honours thesis - evolves recursive solutions using GP.